A Message from the Red Bench

A Message from the Red Bench

“Ok… hi everybody this is the principal and I have some bad news for you. The school will be closed starting tomorrow because of the coronavirus.” [Loud screaming and cheering]

Wait! No! You got to be kidding me! The holidays should start in 3 weeks and I hate them. Last holidays I even tried to kill myself. I hate it when school is over. I hate the long afternoons. I am scared when I am alone. And now the holidays are starting even earlier and I don’t know when they are going to end! All because of this stupid virus!

I will miss the students. I will miss all the whispers and all the secrets which I hear every day. The feelings of all the different people. The happiness of success, but also the pain of failure. The best moments are when two of them fall in love. Then I can feel butterflies in my stomach. This feels so real. I will miss the smell of the school kiosk. The smell of the fresh bread that comes and goes every day. The smell of sweat. The smell of new books and the smell of newcomers.

I know everything about everyone. Still, I´m all alone. I am cut off from the outside world. No one really notices me. Nobody cares about me. Nobody has ever asked me where I come from or for how long I have been around in this world.

I don’t know myself either. I don’t remember anything. I have just always been here. In this big hall full of emotions. First I was overpowered. But I got used to this quickly.

And now all of this will be gone. All that will remain is silence. There will be just me in my little world. Because I am just a red bench in the hallway of KLS.



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