COST-Studentinnen im Frühjahr (Spring) 2019 aus Athens

COST-Studentinnen im Frühjahr (Spring) 2019 aus Athens

Von „Athen“ nach Köln kamen beide COST-Studentinnen im Frühjahr 2019 aus ihren Studienorten, die eine aus Athens, Ohio, die andere aus Athens, Georgia. Als letzten Baustein ihres Lehramtsstudiums haben sie über das COST-Programm den praktischen Teil ihrer Ausbildung an der KLS absolviert und hier, anders als an amerikanischen Schulen üblich, in verschiedenen Klassen und Kursen unterschiedlichen Alters hospitiert und unterrichtet. Sie haben den Englischunterricht auf vielfache Weise unterstützt und bereichert, haben bei mündlichen Prüfungen in der Jgst. 6 mitgeholfen und sowohl in der Jgst. 8, wo die USA Thema sind, als auch in ETE und in der Oberstufe den Schülerinnen und Schülern einen authentischen Einblick in ihr Heimatland geben können und mit ihnen über viele Facetten auch aktueller politischer Entwicklungen diskutiert und ihren eigenen Blick auf ihr Land damit geschärft und erweitert. Beide haben vor, ihr Studium im Anschluss noch mit einem Masterstudiengang fortzusetzen, dafür wünschen wir ihnen viel Erfolg!

So berichten sie selbst:

„Hi! My name is Lindsey Shambaugh and I just finished up my COST experience in Cologne, Germany. I completed my undergraduate degree in Integrated Language Arts at Ohio University and my plans for the next year are to work for Americorps in Denver, Colorado then to go on to grad school.

My experience in Cologne was so amazing and I am very sad to leave the city and all of the wonderful students and teachers at KLS. I not only learned a lot about myself through this experience, but I also learned a lot about what it means to be a teacher. At KLS, I worked with students from sixth grade to twelfth grade which was really great since I was able to see all of the different levels of maturity and learning abilities. Having many different grades was also nice because I loved being able to teach and talk about different topics every period. This is a lot different than my experience in the US because I typically have four or five of the same classes every day which can get very boring. Having to teach about different topics every period at KLS required a lot of planning and learning on my part, but it helped me grow my portfolio of diverse lessons plans that I will definitely use in the future. 

I not only loved my experience at KLS because it helped me grow professionally, but through my amazing mentor teachers and students I was able to learn a lot about German school systems, politics, culture and other aspects of life in Germany that has helped me have a broader perspective of the world. By learning more about life in another country, I am now able to see my own country from a different perspective which is helping me be more aware of both good and bad things about America. I will continue to use my expanding global awareness in all aspects of my life especially as a future teacher since I believe that everyone should be educated about the world around them, not just things that affect one’s daily life. 

Overall, my COST experience has been one of the best experiences in my life and I cannot wait till I am able to come back to Germany in the future.” 


“Hey there! My name is Shelby Argento, and I have recently graduated from the University of Georgia majoring in Middle Grades Education with concentrations in English Language Arts and Social Studies.

I have enjoyed my time at KLS and believe to have grown as a teacher through my interactions with the students and mentor teachers. While I have been at KLS, I have been able to look at teaching through a different lens. In America, the structure of a class is usually pretty routine. This is very different in Germany, and it has been nice to see a new approach. I am very thankful to the mentor teachers that have allowed me to come into their classrooms at KLS, and I am very thankful for this opportunity. The students here have taught me how to be more versatile in how I explain myself, which I believe will benefit me in my future classroom. While in Germany, I have taught in 6th-10th grade classrooms. This has been such a great experience to have taught in so many different grade levels as it has given me more exposure to how students of different ages think. Back home I had only taught in 6th and 7th grade classrooms, so I am glad to have been able to see a broader range of students. This will help me in the future to know which grade level fits me the best.

When I return to the States, I will be pursuing my master’s degree in Middle Grades Education with an emphasis in English Language Arts. I am eager to take back the new skills that I have gained and to put them to use in my schoolwork and future lessons!”




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