COST-Studentinnen September bis Dezember 2019

COST-Studentinnen September bis Dezember 2019

Zwei COST-Studentinnen reisten im Dezember mit einem Koffer voller neuer Erlebnisse, Erfahrungen und Erinnerungen und natürlich auch mit dem ein oder anderen Mitbringsel vom Weihnachtsmarkt wieder zurück in die USA. Sie haben Projekte und Exkursionen mitgemacht und uns in diesem Herbst tatkräftig im Englischunterricht unterstützt, sei es bei mündlichen Prüfungen oder beim Verständnis dessen, was Immigration und der amerikanische Traum in diesen Tagen bedeuten können. So beschreiben sie es selbst:

Aus Ohio: “Hello! My name is Chloe Blaser and I just finished up my student teacher through the COST program and KLS. I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio and was able to go to Germany through the COST program at my school, Ohio University. After spending about 3 and a half months helping out in KLS classrooms, I am now graduating from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Science in English Education. My next steps are simply to teach! 

Being able to teach at KLS was a once in a life-time opportunity which was unforgettable! I met some amazing teachers and taught some super awesome students who all made my experience wonderful. I was in classrooms with students from grade 6 to grade eleven, which was a lot of fun since I got to change and channel different teaching methods for the different groups of learners. This actually helped me make the decision that I would like to teach middle school students if I can, as well as high schoolers. This experience was definitely a different variation of what I would have done in the USA but, I learned extremely valuable things about teaching and wouldn't change a thing.

There are many things from Germany, specifically Cologne, that I am going to miss so much while back home in the US but, I brought as many aspects of the culture home with me as I could. Although there were some struggles along the way, I wouldn't have done my student teaching any other way than at KLS with my great colleagues and bright students. I want to thank everyone in the community who made me feel welcomed and at home! I'll be back to visit someday!”

Aus Illinois: “Hello! My name is Claire Litzenburg and for the past two months, I have been assistant teaching here at KLS. I was able to be here because of the COST program and was placed here in Cologne. I am a recent graduate from Eastern Illinois University with a degree in Elementary Education and Middle Level English Language Arts and History. When I return home, I will be applying for a full-time teaching positions and saving up to go back to school to get my Master’s.

Being here in Cologne and apart of the KLS team has been very rewarding. During my weeks here I have grown as an educator. This would not have been possible without the help of my students and the teachers I was paired with. It has been such a valuable experience to be able to understand and work with the German school system because it is so different from the American structure. Working in this new structure and in a different culture has helped me expand my view and mindset as a teacher. While I was here, I taught with years 5th - 9th which are grades I have had little experience with back in the states. I was put a bit out of my comfort zone in terms of teaching with some older ages but being in that situation has helped me grow and learn personally and professionally. I am from a small town in Illinois, being in Cologne and at KLS has truly made me expand my view of the world. I can now say that I have lived in a city and helped teach English to native German speakers. I am very excited to bring back all that I have learned here and the skills and assets that have come with this experience.”

COST has been a great blessing in my life and an adventure that I will remember for the rest of my life. I hope one day I am able to come back to Cologne with my family!

Auf ein Wiedersehen freuen wir uns und wünschen beiden viel Erfolg

E. Wright


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