COST-Studentinnen von März bis Mai 2018

COST-Studentinnen von März bis Mai 2018

Learning from history to shape the future – das könnte als Motto gelten für unsere COST-Studentinnen der Universitäten von Alabama und Georgia, die neben vielen anderen Erlebnissen und Erfahrungen auch dabei waren, als an der KLS die ersten Stolpersteine gelegt wurden. So konkret mit Geschichte in Berührung zu kommen, um daraus zu lernen für sich und die eigene Unterrichtspraxis, eine andere Kultur und Traditionen kennenzulernen, mit Achtklässlern Überlegungen zu den Unterschieden von amerikanischem und deutschem Schulsystem anzustellen, mit Sechstklässlern für die mündliche Prüfung zu üben oder mit der Q1 über die britische Monarchie zu diskutieren, all dies waren Elemente ihres Schulalltags an der KLS. Beide haben damit den letzten Teil ihrer praktischen Lehrerausbildung absolviert und beenden nun erfolgreich ihr Studium. Hier mit eigenen Worten:

Hello, my name is Celine Fraiz. I am a senior at the University of Georgia, graduating in May! Go Dawgs! I am a Social Studies Education major, with an emphasis in history and women's studies. At KLS I was placed in different grades ranging from 6th to 11th. I student taught in five English classes, and two Europe-talking-English classes. My favorite part about being in such a variety of grade levels and courses was all the discussions and interactions that I had with the students. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this school.

One of the coolest parts about teaching at KLS and in Germany was the history. As someone who took many courses in history throughout my college career, it was amazing to see and experience that history in real life. Everywhere you walk in Germany there is something historical, whether that be the Cathedral in downtown Cologne, or the school KLS itself. Cologne is truly a one-of –a-kind city and for someone who loves history and knows a lot about history this was an amazing place to live and experience.

Hello! My name is Megan Schmidt and I’m from San Diego, California. I will be graduating in a few days from The University of Alabama with a degree in Secondary Education Language Arts. I finished my student teaching semester at KLS from early March to early May in the spring of 2018. Now that I have completed my internship, I am moving to Colorado and plan on teaching secondary English classes beginning in the fall.

At KLS I observed and taught in English class for 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 11th graders. My previous placements required teaching only one grade at a time, and repeating lessons throughout the day, but the variety that the schedule at KLS provided has left me feeling better prepared whatever grade I may be chosen to teach in the coming months. Teaching at a German public school was a unique and valuable opportunity, and has broadened my understanding of what constitutes a successful school. Many aspects where much different than I had experienced in schools in America, but the positive attitudes and high academic achievement of the students proved that there is not one “right” way to provide quality public education. I plan on taking the information I’ve learned and my new skills I’ve gained in navigating different types and ages of students and applying them to my own future classroom. For example, I came to KLS with very little experience in teaching English as a foreign language, and while I will not yet be certified to do this in the States, I feel that I can apply some of the methods I have learned to general English Language Arts classes to improve students’ understanding of the material covered.

Participating in the COST program was one of the best decisions of my college career, and I would recommend it to anyone who is considering applying. Don’t let fear hold you back! As someone who arrived in Germany with no experience with the language other than spelling my own last name, I promise the language barrier is not an issue. Most of the people that I’ve met here have either spoken English, or have been willing to communicate with us in other ways. Having already moved across the country for college I was not very concerned about the distance from my family, but even if the miles do seem daunting, the relationships you build at the school and in the community will soon make it feel like your home away from home.

One of the best parts about participating in the COST program in Cologne was the city’s location! Cologne is centrally located and many other exciting parts of Europe are only a train ride away. In the eight weeks I spent living Germany, I also visited six other countries, including France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Malta. Cologne itself is also rich with history and beautiful sights to see, all within walking distance of KLS.

Packing to leave is bittersweet, I am sad to leave behind the school that welcomed me in with no hesitation, and the European lifestyle I have adapted to, but am excited to return home to graduate, and begin my next chapter as a certified English teacher!


Wir wünschen beiden alles Gute für Ihren Studienabschluss und den Einstieg in die Schule als fertige Lehrerinnen!

E. Wright



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